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WATCH: One of the worst “hook” jobs you’ll ever see by a jockey in racing


'I could have won, but my jockey kept pulling me back: Something fishy went on in that race!'

Matched Betting Australia: Make $80+ risk-free money today – Cranbourne & Warwick Farm


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Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 4.00.55 am.png



Firstly Create a Ladbrokes account here & get your 1st deposit matched up to $260.

1. Open Ladbrokes and Betfair above races

2. Compare odds to find Ladbrokes odds higher than Betfair Lay odds for a specific selection

3. Use the Lay Back calculator to calculate lay stake ()

4. Place your back bet then your lay bet

5. Lock in the profits!


images (7).jpeg


It sounds simple!

It is simple.

It’s called Matched Betting & while it hasn’t yet taken off in Australia, it’s a multi-million dollar industry in Europe.

Lay Back Bets Oz’s author created Matched betting in the UK and now he’s adapted the method’s and guides specifically for Australian punters.




Matched Betting Introduction

This guide will start you off with the basics of Matched Betting. The more you learn, the more money you will make, so sit back, don’t rush and go through it in detail. Over the long term, it really will be worth putting the effort in to reap the rewards later on. ‘
If you stick with this and properly learn how it’s done there is no doubt that you can easily make at least $1000 over the coming weeks and over the next 12 months $10000 profit is a more than a reasonable figure.
Think about what you can do with an extra $10k in your back pocket!
Although matched betting has been around for decades, matched betting has not been very prominent in Australia.
Compared to the UK where matched betting is huge, Australian matched betting is far behind and FAR fewer people know about it.
If you are reading this then you are one of the few people who know of matched betting here in Australia.
This is a good thing because it means the offers are much, much better and therefore the profits are much greater than that of the UK. START MATCHED BETTING TODAY & EARN RISK-FREE, TAX-FREE INCOME!
Matched Betting definition: a simple technique that allows people to profit from bookmakers bonus bets and promotional offers.



What you’ll need:

  • Time and willingness to sit down and learn
  • A computer or laptop with an internet connection. Phones or tablets also work
  • Some cash to get started. We would recommend a minimum of $200 in the beginning but the more money you use, the faster you can make more money
  • To live in Australia and be over the age of 18

01 How betting works

If you bet on something you are basically saying you think a certain outcome will happen. However, there are always two sides to every bet, cause in order to place your bet you need to find someone else who thinks the opposite will happen.

For example:
’I bet that I can drink my beer in less than 15 seconds’
‘No way! I bet you can’t drink that in less than 15 seconds’

One person is betting on one outcome and the other person is betting on the opposite outcome. It wouldn’t be a bet if the two people didn’t think different outcomes would occur.

In matched betting these two conflicting sides are called backing and laying.

Backing is betting that something WILL happen – “I bet that I CAN drink my beer in less than 15 seconds”. Laying is betting something WILL NOT happen – “No way! I bet you CAN’T drink that in under 15 seconds”

Backing or placing a back bet- Predicting that something WILL happen

Laying or placing a lay bet- Predicting that something WILL NOT happen

These two terms are the core of matched betting.



02 Backing and Laying

When you place a bet with a bookmaker, you are betting something WILL happen and therefore every time you place a bet with a bookmaker you are backing an outcome.

But remember, for a bet to be formed there needs to be an opposite bet placed. This is how bookmakers work. They will match your back bet with the opposite bet at odds that they choose to offer. So the bookmakers place the lay bets.

For example:
You go onto the bookies’ website and bet $10 on Octagonal to win race 1 at Randwick this Saturday.

So you are backing Octagonal to win.

When you place this back bet, the bookmaker is essentially laying Octagonal to form a bet with you.

So the bookmaker is betting against you that Octagonal will not win the race. The bookie doesn’t physically place a lay bet, they just accept your money and agree to pay you out at the specified odds if Octagonal wins which is essentially what a lay bet is.

If Tough Larry wins, then you will win the bet and make some money. If Tough Larry does not win, then the bookmaker will keep the money you used to place your bet with.

All bookmakers do is lay peoples bets.

They take money off people and form a bet by matching the opposing view.




03 How odds work

Chances are you’ve already placed a bet before so you have an idea of how odds work, but for those of you that have not, then don’t worry we will guide you through them.

In the example above you made a back bet of $10 on Octagonal to win Randwick race 1 and the bookmaker layed your bet with the opposite viewpoint of Octagoal not to win which formed a bet.

However, the odds of Octagonal actually winning the race were 5.00. Meaning for every $1 you bet on Octagonal you will win back $5 if he does in fact win.

So you initially bet $10 at odds of 5.00 meaning that if he did win then you would be returned $50.

$10 X 5.00 = $50

Return is how much the bookmaker has to pay out if the backers bet wins and is made up of two things; the initial stake you place plus the winnings in relation to the odds. So you placed $10 at odds of 5.00, your return is made up of $10 that you initially staked and then the $40 winnings.

$50 = $10 + $40

These odds are calculated by the bookmakers for the probability that they think something is going to happen.


04 Liability

The bookies’ view:
If you now look at the Octagonal bet from the opposite viewpoint; that of the bookies, you will notice it is a little different this way round. The bookie is taking $10 off you initially, which will be the bookies return if Tough Larry doesn’t win. If Tough Larry does win, the bookies will have to pay out $50 to you. This $50 will be compiled of the initial $10 that you staked, and then $40 that the bookie has to pay out of their own pocket due to the odds. The bookie will, therefore, lose $40 and this is called the bookies’ liability.

($10 X 5.00) – $10 = $40

Liability is the amount the bookie is liable (responsible) to pay out if a bet you placed with them wins. Therefore the bookies’ liability of this bet is $40.

You could look at it this way:
When making a back bet a stake is placed and when a placing a lay bet a liability is placed.



05 The Betting Exchange

So you now know that there are two sides to every bet, a backer and a layer, with the bookies always acting as the layer. And you’re probably thinking, why do I need to know this?! Well, imagine if you could act as the bookie and lay bets…

Betting exchanges do just that.

Betfair exchange is the only exchange currently up and running in Australia. The exchange allows people to bet against each other, eliminating the need for a bookmaker to be involved in the bets. Betting exchanges are a little bit different than conventional bookies as you can place back bets and also lay bets.

They look a bit more completed but they are really quite simple.

So for example, if you don’t think Melbourne Storm will win the league this season, you can go to Betfair Exchange and place a lay bet on Melbourne Storm.

Your money will be matched with someone else who has backed Melbourne Storm to win the season and this forms a bet.

No bookie is involved and there is only a bet between you and another random person who has an opposite view to yourself. It’s kind of like making a bet with your friend, but only with a stranger that Betfair Exchange matches you up with.

But how does Betfair make money if they don’t directly get involved in any bets themselves? Betfair works off a commission basis. Every time you win a bet on Betfair a percentage commission is taken from your winnings.

This can range from 5%-10% depending on the state and racing code of the event you are betting on.


Ben Currie’s DQ/fine reduced after QRIC Internal Review

An internal review of five prohibited substance charges for disqualified Toowoomba trainer Ben Currie has confirmed the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission Stewards’ original guilty decision, but has reduced the penalty from three years disqualification to two years and three months and reduced his $45,000 fine to $10,000.

The internal review decision has reduced Mr Currie’s current cumulative disqualification period to six years and three months and a fine of $10,000 i.e. two years and three months after being found guilty of five prohibited substance charges, two and six months after he was found guilty of two charges of improper action following an investigation into text messages relating to the intention to use an electronic apparatus capable of affecting the performance of two horses and 18 months for 12 breaches of the rules of racing.

2019 Durban July: Preview – Odds – Special Win Bet Tips

Vodacom Durban July 2019
Grade 1 – 2200m – R4.25 Million
Greyville – Saturday 6th July 2019 – Race 7
No Dr Horse Odds Jockey Trainer
1 (10) Do It Again 9/2 R Fourie J Snaith
2 (4) Rainbow Bridge 6/1 G Lerena E Sands
3 (19) Head Honcho 25/1 K de Melo A Nel
4 (3) Hawwaam 2/1 A Marcus M de Kock
5 (7) Legal Eagle 20/1 L Hewitson S Tarry
6 (17) Twist Of Fate 16/1 N Juglall J Ramsden
7 (9) Lady In Black 25/1 S Veale D Drier
8 (6) Barahin 7/1 M Yeni M de Kock
9 (16) Divine Odyssey 40/1 C Habib J Janse van Vuuren
10 (1) Tilbury Fort 40/1 R Danielson S Tarry
11 (18) Eyes Wide Open 14/1 W Kennedy G Kotzen
12 (11) Made To Conquer  16/1 M Khan J Snaith
13 (15) Roy Had Enough 33/1 M V’Rensburg F Robinson
14 (12) Doublemint 20/1 C Orffer J Snaith
15 (8) Magnificent Seven SCR *L J Ferrais J Snaith
16 (2) Return Flight 40/1 R Munger S Tarry
17 (13) Fresnaye 75/1 G Cheyne J Ramsden
18 (5) Miyabi Gold 66/1 S Khumalo J Snaith
19 (14) Camphoratus 100/1 G Wright R A / S R Hill
20 (20) Zillzaal SCR Reserve 2 S Tarry

Hollywoodbets will be offering the option of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 fixed odds places.

*MAGNIFICENT SEVEN has been scratched from the Vodacom Durban July by trainer Justin Snaith. Lame near fore. CAMPHORATUS, drawn 19, is now a runner and will be ridden by Gareth Wright.
**ZILZAAL reserve runner status in the Vodacom Durban July lapsed at 08h15 today. He will now take his place in the 3rd race at Hollywoodbets Greyville on July day.

Bet Now - Hollywoodbets



The top horses in the betting for the 2019 Vodacom Durban July drew well when the final field for the R4.25-million.

Africa’s greatest racing event will be run over 2,200m at Greyville in Durban and the annual betting frenzy on the iconic race will now move into top gear heading the betting splurge across Southern Africa that will see more than R200 million being wagered on a special day.

There were no real surprises among the 18 horses named to contest the race and the inclusion of the Frank Robinson-trained Australian-bred colt Roy Had Enough was expected after his impressive victory in the Grade 3 Track & Ball Derby at Scottsville on Saturday. However, having made the final field, he did not fare well when it came to the draw and he will have to jump from at best the 14 barrier position.

Justin Snaith, who has five runners in the race, showed satisfaction with the 10 draw position for defending Vodacom Durban July champion Do It Again when he personally did the draw for his runners with the other four members of his team set to start from positions 5 for Miyabi Gold, 8 for Magnificent Seven, 11 for Made To Conquer and 12 for Doublemint.

Mike de Kock, who will saddle favourite Hawwaam, drew three for his star performer and big race favourite and six for his other three-year-old colt Barahin while Joey Ramsden was physically unimpressed with the 13 and 17 draws which he made for his two runners Fresnaye and Twist Of Fate.

Sean Tarry pulled top draws for three of his four horses with Tilbury Fort to jump from the inside pen with stable companion Return Flight alongside him. The seven-year-old Legal Eagle.





The Field


1) Do It Again – 4/1

Jockey: Richard Fourie
Trainer: Justin Snaith
Owner: Messrs N Jonsson, B Kantor & Late W J C Mitchell
Colours: Yellow, royal blue epaulettes, yellow sleeves and cap

Breeder: Northfields Stud (Pty) Ltd
Sire: Twice Over (GB)
Dam: Sweet Virginia by Casey Tibbs (IRE)

Age: 4
Colour: Bay
Sex: Gelding
MR: 125

Weight: 60kg
Draw: 10 (20)

Career Record: 12 runs, 6 wins, 4 places
Stakes Won: R 5,910,000

Runs at Greyville: 4 (3 Wins)
Runs at 2200m Distance: 1 (1 Win)

Notable Runs:
1st in the 2019 Rising Sun Gold Challenge (Gr 1) – 1600m
2nd in the 2019 Sun Met (Gr 1) – 2000m
1st in the 2019 L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate (Gr 1) – 1600m
3rd in the 2018 Green Point Stakes (Gr 2) – 1600m
1st in the 2018 Vodacom Durban July (Gr 1) – 2200m
1st in the 2018 KZN Daisy Guineas (Gr 2) – 1600m
2nd in the 2018 Investec Cape Derby (Gr 2) – 1600m

Trainer Comments:

Justi Snaith: “Do it Again floated down the straight in his gallop and Richard Fourie is over-the-moon with his preparation, it could take more than top weight to stop this train.”

Jockey Comments – Richard Fourie

Snaith stable jockey Richard Fourie partners defending champion Do It Again and the pair had many horseracing enthusiasts impressed recently at the  July  Gallops.  He has won 3 of his 4 starts at  Greyville and despite giving weight to the field, has a strong chance of making it back-to-back Ju-  lys. Richard Fourie was luckily enough to be promoted to first in this race aboard Legislate in 2014, but he surely has the potential of winning multiple Julys and was happy to comment about his mount when saying:

“His prep has gone very smoothly and is in a great space. His gallop was not hard at all as he was just there to say hello to the public and show off his condition.”

“My big dangers are Hawwaam, Rainbow Bridge and Doublemint could be a dark horse. My best ride on the day is Oh Susanna”. Other notable rides include Elusive Silva, Strathdon and the unbeaten Miss Florida.

Winning Form – Magic Tips Comment:
The reigning champion DO IT AGAIN returns to defend his crown and will attempt a feat that only Campanajo and El Picha could complete in the history of this extraordinary race. The son of Twice Over had a super-impressive three-year-old campaign but has continued to improve as a four-year-old and as such is the highest rated horse in the country. The Snaith trained inmate did not have things easy from a wide draw last year and he won’t again carrying top weight, but his class could prevail in this contest. Stable jockey Richard Fourie sticks with the ride and the two have struck up a potent partnership having won the Queen’s Plate and Rising Sun Gold Challenge.

Verdict: Eye-catching winner in comeback run and last years winner of this race.

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2) Rainbow Bridge – 6/1

Jockey: Gavin Lerena
Trainer: Eric Sandes
Owner: Mr & Mrs M L P Rattray
Colours: Red and white quartered, red sleeves, quartered cap

Breeder: Wilgerbosdrift & Mauritzfontein
Sire:  Ideal World (USA)
Dam: Halfway To Heaven by Jet Master

Age: 4
Colour: Bay
Sex: Gelding
MR: 124

Weight: 59.5kg
Draw: 4 (20)

Career Record: 10 runs, 6 wins, 3 places
Stakes Won: R 3,832,500

Runs at Greyville: 2 (2 Places)
Runs at 2200m Distance: 0

Notable Runs:
3rd in the 2019 Rising Sun Gold Challenge (Gr 1) – 1600m
2nd in the 2019 Drill Hall Stakes (Gr 2) – 1400m
1st in the 2019 Sun Met (Gr 1) – 2000m
3rd in the 2019 L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate (Gr 1) – 1600m
1st in the 2018 Matchem Stakes (Gr 3) – 1400m
1st in the 2018 Winter Classic (Gr 3) – 1800m
1st in the 2018 Winter Guineas (Gr 3) – 1600m

Trainer Comments:

An experienced horseman and man with a serious affection for the game trainer Eric Sands sounded quietly confident when commenting on Met Winner, Rainbow Bridge “His prep has gone very well, maybe even better than his prep for the Met. He took his gallop well and also recorded a decent time. The dangers on paper look to be Hawwaam and Do It Again but even a dark horse like Barahin could pop up to surprise this year. Rainbow Bridge is my only runner on the day”.

Jockey Comments:
On his recent gallop:
“Obviously I’m very happy with him,” said Lerena. “He put up a nice workout, he’s moving really well.  He’s in a good space and I’m looking forward to next week.

“We just wanted to put a bit of speed into him and he really turned it on in a matter of strides.”

Winning Form – Magic Tips Comment:
RAINBOW BRIDGE, makes his third-course appearance in the province this term. After dominating the winter season as a three-year-old in the Cape last year, he has handled the step up to this class in fine fashion and his presence near the top of the betting boards is certainly warranted. He beat the reigning Vodacom Durban July champion in the Sun Met at level weights, earlier this year and steps up an extra furlong for his first attempt at July glory. The half-brother to the early race favourite (Hawwaam) will be looking to put his recent questionable luck in running behind him, having found late traffic in both of his last two starts and he now gets the services of Gavin Lerena in the irons. He is one of the best big race riders around and will be looking to add a victory in this race, to his ever-increasing list of career triumphs.

Verdict: Found traffic in latest behind Do It Again. Drawn well. Chance.


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3) Head Honcho – 25/1

Jockey: Keegan de Melo
Trainer: Andre Nel
Owner: Mrs S Plattner
Colours: Grass green, indigo horseshoe, gold trim, indigo collar, sleeves, and cap, grass green cuffs and peak

Breeder: La Plaisance Stud
Sire: Querari (GER)
Dam: School Captain by Captain Al

Age: 5
Colour: Bay
Sex: Gelding
MR: 122

Weight: 58.5kg
Draw: 19 (20)

Career Record: 19 runs, 8 wins, 5 places
Stakes Won: R 1,575,125

Runs at Greyville: 6 (2 Wins, 1 Place)
Runs at 2200m Distance: 1 (1 Win)

Notable Runs:
3rd in the 2019 Sun Met  (Gr 1) – 2000m
1st in the 2018 WSB Premier Trophy (Gr 2) – 1800m
1st in the 2018 Betting World 2200 (Gr 3) – 2200m
1st in the 2018 Sledgehammer (Listed) – 1800m

Trainer Comments:

Coming soon.

Jockey Comments – Keagan De Melo
Young top jockey Keagan De Melo rides an impressive frontrunner in this year’s Durban July and he didn’t seem to think everything was all cut and dried, despite the top three attracting major support in the betting market. His charge has not drawn ideally, but he still seemed optimistic when making “His prep has been good, he had a run over too short a distance last time, but that sharpened him up nicely. He recovered well after the gallop and has a spring in his step, which is always a good sign. Do It Again and Rainbow bridge look like the ones to beat, but I still feel it is a highly competitive field. I’m looking forward to the ‘big one’ but African Warrior could possibly be my best ride on the day”. Other notable rides include Dark Moon Rising in the July consolation and the speedy Goliath Heron.

Winning Form – Magic Tips Comment:
The Durban July is notorious for an honest pace and this year HEAD HONCHO could look to positively dictate as he did so in this year’s Met. His game front-running tactics could be utilised well on a tight Greyville circuit and he has struck up a decent partnership with Keagan De Melo. The 5-year-old son of Querari also interestingly won the July Consolation last year when he hit the front at the 1000m marker and couldn’t be caught in the latter stages. His conditioner will have him fit despite having only had one run since that gallant Met effort and must be respected.

Verdict: In solid form, but draw a big concern.

Hollywoodbets Comments:
This eight-time winning five-year-old will attempt to register a third consecutive July day triumph on Saturday. He showed his class by justifying hotpot favouritism in the Mumm Stakes on July day in 2017, despite the fact jockey Anton Marcus dropped the crop at the 400m marker. On last year’s July day, he won the Grade 3 Betting World 2200. This year, Head Honcho is in the big one – the R4.25-million Vodacom Durban July over 2200m and with the same jockey, Keagan de Melo, aboard.


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4) Hawwaam – 2/1

Jockey: Anton Marcus
Trainer: Mike de Kock
Owner: Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid al Maktoum
Colours: Blue, white epaulettes, striped cap

Breeder: Wilgerbosdrift & Mauritzfontein
Sire:  Silvano (GER)
Dam: Halfway To Heaven by Jet Master

Age: 3
Colour: Bay
Sex: Colt
MR: 121

Weight: 56.0kg
Draw: 3 (20)

Career Record: 7 runs, 6 wins, 1 places
Stakes Won: R 5,628,125

Runs at Greyville: 1 (1 Win)
Runs at 2200m Distance: 0

Notable Runs:
1st in the 2019 Daily News 2000 (Gr 1) – 2000m
1st in the 2019 Premier’s Champions Challenge (Gr 1) – 2000m
1st in the 2019 SA Classic (Gr 1) – 1800m
2nd in the 2019 Gauteng Guineas (Gr 2) – 1600m
1st in the 2019 Tony Ruffel Stakes (Gr 3) – 1400m
1st in the 2019 Dingaans (Gr 2) – 1600m

Trainer Comments:

VODACOM Durban July favourite Hawwaam worked alongside his stablemate Soqrat at the public gallops staged at Greyville Thursday morning and Mike de Kock was pleased with his runner’s showing.

Mike, whose four July winners all won at 3 years of age, told Turf Talk: “That was a good gallop next to Soqrat, who is no slouch. Hawwaam has come through his preparation very well, he is sound and we’re happy with him going into the last few days before the race.”

Assistant trainer Matthew De Kock aspires to follow in the footsteps of his father. He spoke on behalf of Mike De Kock about the stables two runners Hawwaam and Barahin in the big race. He reported:

“We are happy with the preparation of both runners and that they have come out of their July gallops well. I consider Rainbow Bridge and Do It Again the two horses we have to beat. The race-day is very competitive and it is difficult to single out one in particular”.

Jockey Comments – Anton Marcus:
Famous jockey Anton Marcus is notorious for having success on this massive race-day and he was the true professional when commenting on his ride on the highly fancied Hawwaam, when remarking:

“His prep including his gallop has gone very well. The July is a handicap which in theory gives every horse a chance but I have the utmost respect for the top two rated horses in the country.”

His other significant rides on the day include True To Life in the Golden Slipper Grade 2 and Front And Centre in the Garden Province Stakes Grade 1.

Winning Form – Magic Tips Comment:
The ruling favourite HAWWAAM is justifiably at the top of the betting boards having won six out of his seven starts to date. His only defeat came in the Gauteng Guineas where he over-raced early and then found himself hopefully placed turning into the straight. He did run on well in the closing stages, but had too much to do and had to settle for second spot. He redeemed himself in no uncertain terms in his next two runs on the Highveld, the first being in the SA Classic over 1800M and then the Premiers Champion Challenge over 2000M, where he beat older horses for the first time. He then travelled down to Greyville for his latest start and won the Daily News 2000, beating July hopeful Twist Of Fate, in the process. He starts from gate three and Anton Marcus retains the ride.

Verdict: Rates the one to beat on impeccable form shown thus far.


All the info you need to know about the 2019 Vodacom Durban July runner HAWWAAM. This Mike de Kock trained colt is our 5 star special win bet. Learn more about this horse here. Get your bets on now at Hollywoodbets


5) Legal Eagle – 20/1

Jockey: Lyle Hewitson
Trainer: Sean Tarry
Owner: Messrs William Henderson, F H McGrath & A J van Huyssteen
Colours: Dayglo yellow, purple spots

Breeder: Avontuur Thoroughbred Farm
Sire: Greys Inn (USA)
Dam: Young Sensation by National Emblem

Age: 7
Colour: Bay
Sex: Gelding
MR: 115

Weight: 55kg
Draw: 7 (20)

Career Record: 31 runs, 15 wins, 7 places
Stakes Won: R 12,239,625

Runs at Greyville: 1
Runs at 2200m Distance: 1

Notable Runs:
1st in the 2018 Green Point Stakes (Gr2) – 1600m
1st in the 2018 Horse Chestnut Stakes (Gr1) – 1600m
1st in the 2018 L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate (Gr1) – 1600m
1st in the 2017 Green Point Stakes (Gr2) – 1600m
2nd in the 2017 Premier’s Champions Challenge (Gr1) – 2000m
1st in the 2017 Horse Chestnut Stakes (Gr1) – 1600m
2nd in the 2017 Sun Met (Gr1) – 2000m
1st in the 2017 L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate (Gr1) – 1600m
1st in the 2016 Green Point Stakes (Gr2) – 1600m
1st in the 2016 Premier’s Champions Challenge (Gr1) – 2000m
1st in the 2016 Horse Chestnut Stakes (Gr1) – 1600m
2nd in the 2016 Sun Met (Gr1) – 2000m
1st in the 2016 L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate (Gr1) – 1600m
1st in the 2015 Jubilee Handicap (Gr3) – 1800m
1st in the 2015 SA Derby (Gr1) – 2450m

Trainer Comments:

Coming soon.

Jockey Comments – Lyle Hewitson
Extraordinary young talent Lyle Hewitson climbs aboard the oldest horse in the race Legal Eagle who wasn’t disgraced as a three-year-old in the Durban July 2015, when not far behind Power King. That run was interestingly his sole run on the Greyville circuit. His title-chasing rider has nerves of steel though and will have learned heaps from his previous two rides in this race on French Navy and Tilbury Fort. He mentioned “Legal Eagle has had a good prep at home, he is doing well and we are happy with where he is going into the big race. He enjoyed his gallop and pulled up well. The top three in the betting are really hard to oppose and it is difficult to single out my best ride as it’s all about how races unfold and luck in running always play a part on a big race-day”. Other notable rides include  Flichity  By Farr, Caviar, Eden Roc and the classy Celtic Sea.

Winning Form – Magic Tips Comment:
Duel SA Horse of the Year winner, LEGAL EAGLE has had 31 runs for 15 wins and 10 places. Regarded as one of the best milers this country has ever produced, he won the Queens Plate three years in a row. He has run second in the Met on two occasions, as well as close up fourth and fifth place finishes in the last two years. He finished 2.5 lengths behind Power King in this race in 2015. Current SA champion jockey Lyle Hewitson has elected to take the ride and Sean Tarry will be hoping to train his third July winner. Now rising eight, this may be his last chance to win this prestigious event.

Verdict: Improved draw. Must find earlier form. Trip a concern.


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6) Twist Of Fate – 14/1

Jockey: Nooresh Juglall
Trainer: Joey Ramsden
Owner: River Palace Racing Syndicate
Colours: Black and gold diagonal stripes, white sleeves, white and gold striped cap

Breeder: Favour Stud
Sire: Master Of My Fate
Dam: Crescent Lily by Counter Action

Age: 3
Colour: Bay
Sex: Colt
MR: 117

Weight: 54kg
Draw: 17 (20)

Career Record: 14 runs, 6 wins, 6 places
Stakes Won: R 2,612,850

Runs at Greyville: 3 (1 Win, 2 Places)
Runs at 2200m Distance: 0

Notable Runs:
2nd in the 2019 Daily News 2000 (Gr1) – 2000m
1st in the 2019 KRA Guineas (Gr2) – 1600m
1st in the 2019 Politician Stakes (Gr3) – 1800m
2nd in the 2018 Cape Guineas (Gr1) – 1600m
3rd in the 2018 Concorde Cup (Gr2) – 1600m
1st in the 2018 Cape Classic (Gr3) – 1400m
3rd in the 2018 Premier’s Champions Stakes (Gr1) – 1600m

Trainer Comments:

Joey Ramsden: “He is doing good, doing brilliant in fact. He has worked very well.”

So what chance does he give the 12-1 shot on Saturday? “Not as good a chance as I gave him before last Tuesday,” is the immediate and unsmiling reply. His disgust at being landed with a 17 draw was pretty evident at the Gateway function and seemingly nothing has changed since.

“The trouble is that you are not in charge of your own destiny with a draw like that,” he explains. “If those drawn low decide not to make use of their draws then you have got a chance. But, if they do take advantage, your outside draw automatically becomes a huge handicap.”

Winning Form – Magic Tips Comment:
TWIST OF FATE is a classy three-year-old who will benefit from the age allowance. The Ramsden trained three year old looks well handicapped despite having not been tested against the older troops as yet. The son of Master Of My Fate has been a revelation for his connections having only been sold for R20 000 as a yearling and has gone on to win major races such as the Grade 3 Cape Classic and Grade 2 KZN Guineas in fine style. His record suggests he is suited to the Greyville circuit but will have to find more to reverse his recent runner-up berth behind this year’s strongly-fancied favourite Hawwaam.

Verdict: Solid form & 2kg better off with Hawwaam (favourite) on last run.

Hollywoodbets Comment:
The Conglomerate was drawn 20 and started at 20-1 when he won for Ramsden three years ago – an occasion that the trainer described at the time as “the best day of my life”. Had Ramsden given him much chance considering the draw? ”Yea, I did,” he recalls. “You always go there with a bit of hope.”


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7) Lady In Black – 50/1

Jockey: Sean Veale
Trainer: Dennis Drier
Owner: Drakenstein Stud (Nom: Mrs G A Rupert) & Late Mr W J C Mitchell
Colours: White, black spots and sleeves, white cap

Breeder: Mr W J Engelbrecht (Jnr)
Sire: Dynasty
Dam: Mystery Dame by Jet Master

Age: 4
Colour: Bay
Sex: Filly
MR: 112

Weight: 53.5kg
Draw: 9 (20)

Career Record: 14 runs, 5 wins, 4 places
Stakes Won: R 1,596,875

Runs at Greyville: 6 (2 Wins, 1 Places)
Runs at 2200m Distance: 0

Notable Runs:
2nd in the 2019 Majorca Stakes (Gr1) – 1600m
2nd in the 2019 Paddock Stakes (Gr1) – 1800m
3rd in the 2018 Woolavington 2000 (Gr1) – 2000m
1st in the 2018 Umzimkhulu Stakes (Gr3) – 1400m
2nd in the 2018 Paddock Stakes (Gr1) – 1800m
1st in the 2017 Thekwini Stakes (Gr1) – 1600m

Trainer Comments:

Coming soon.

Winning Form – Magic Tips Comment:
LADY IN BLACK is the progeny of an ex-champion of the Durban July in Dynasty and this versatile, four-year-old filly hasn’t disgraced herself in mixed company recently having finished just behind them in the Drill Hall Stakes. She also had to, unfortunately, ease in the Rising Sun Gold Challenge as a result of race inconvenience in the latter stages. The Drier filly has a creditable victory over superstar Oh Susanna albeit in a Pinnacle Stakes. The Drier camp will fancy their chances in this prestigious race where the fairer sex does seem to feature from time to time. This well-bred daughter of Dynasty could be nice value to punters as she is currently at 50/1.

Verdict: Smart filly in fair form & 4kgs better off with DO IT AGAIN on last run.

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8) Barahin – 13/2

Jockey: Muzi Yeni
Trainer: Mike de Kock
Owner: Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid al Maktoum
Colours: Blue, white epaulettes, blue and white striped cap

Breeder: Wilgerbosdrift & Mauritzfontein
Sire: Gimmethegreenlight (AUS)
Dam: Mocha Special by Silvano (GER)

Age: 3
Colour: Bay
Sex: Colt
MR: 112

Weight: 53kg
Draw: 6 (20)

Career Record: 7 runs, 4 wins, 2 places
Stakes Won: R 1,189,875

Runs at Greyville: 2 (2 Wins)
Runs at 2200m Distance: 0

Notable Runs:
1st in the Jubilee Handicap (Gr 3) – 1800m
2nd in the SA Classic (Gr 1) – 1800m
3rd in the Gauteng Guineas (Gr 2) – 1600m
1st in the Golden Horseshoe (Gr 2) – 1400m

Trainer Comments:

Barahin has been at Randjesfontein where his own preparation has gone according to plane. Mike said: “This is the best we’ve had him before a race, he was always underdone when previously facing Hawwaam and I reckon it will be a lot closer between them this time.

“Barahin gets 3kg from Hawwaam, and he may also still be a few pounds under-rated so at the weights I’d say he is the horse to beat. He will be travelling to Durban next Friday.”

Jockey Comments:
National log-leading jockey Muzi Yeni was pleased with Barahin’s draw and commented: “Six is a very good draw and I appreciate getting it, particularly as I am drawn among the fancied horses like Rainbow Bridge (4) and Hawwaam (3) while I have Richard Fourie on Do It Again on my outside at ten.”

Winning Form – Magic Tips Comment:
BARAHIN is the stable companion to the early ‘board topping’, Hawwaam. The highly regarded son of Gimmethegreenlight, tasted victory on this day last year as a two-year-old. On that occasion, he won the Gr2 Golden Horseshoe, beating another hugely successful Mike De Kock inmate in the form of Soqrat. Unbeaten in his two career starts at this course, he now steps up to an unfamiliar distance of 2200m which will be his biggest test of stamina yet. Beaten by Hawwaam in his penultimate start, he now gets the luxury of a favourable 3kg swing at the weights for that 5,75-length beating and one could easily argue that he was a run short of his best on that occasion. One thing is certain, his conditioner will have him cherry ripe for this run and he has to be a considered a big contender. With Winning Form sponsored Muzi Yeni chasing the Jockey Championship title this year, a win here would surely be the cherry on the top to what can be considered a remarkable effort this season.

Verdict: Unbeaten in 2 starts this course. Best MR 108. Steps up in trip. Include on good penultimate run.


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9) Divine Odyssey – 66/1

Jockey: Calvin Habib
Trainer: Johan Janse van Vuuren
Owner: Messrs J F & L M F Wernars, B R Binnie, C Gordon, Estate Late Mr M C Gerber & Janse van Vuuren Racing (Pty) Ltd
Colours: White, black fleur de lys, red sleeves, black collar and cuffs, black and white striped cap

Breeder: Mr L M F Wernars
Sire: Oratorio (IRE)
Dam: Divine Right by Dynasty

Age: 4
Colour: Bay
Sex: Gelding
MR: 111

Weight: 53kg
Draw: 16 (20)

Career Record: 17 runs, 5 wins, 5 places
Stakes Won: R 1,016,825

Runs at Greyville: 1 (1 Place)
Runs at 2200m Distance: 1 (1 Place)

Notable Runs:
3rd in the 2019 Premier’s Champions Challenge (Gr1) – 2000m
1st in the 2019 Colorado King’s Stakes (Gr2) – 2000m
1st in the 2019 Drum Star Handicap (Listed) – 1800m

Trainer Comments:

Coming soon.

Winning Form – Magic Tips Comment:
DIVINE ODYSSEY won the Drum Star Handicap (Listed) over 1800M and followed that up with a win in the Colorado King over 2000M, both races being at Turffontein. He then finished third to Hawwaam in the Premiers Champion Challenge over 2000M, beaten 4.25 lengths. He carried 60kgs that day as opposed to the 57.5kgs that Hawwaam carried. In the big one he is set to carry 53kgs as opposed to the 56kgs allocated to Hawwaam, so is 5.5kgs better off at the weights with the favourite. He has a poor draw to overcome which is not ideal and his regular pilot, Calvin Habib, is having his first ride in this race.

Verdict: Too short last time. Include on good penultimate behind Hawwaam.


10) Tilbury Fort – 40/1

Jockey: Raymond Danielson
Trainer: Sean Tarry
Owner: Messrs M A Currie, W H Jacobs, S Mathen, E C Van Niekerk, Craig Zoghby, Sean Tarry Racing C.C. (Nom : Mr S G Tarry) & Mrs B M A Lahoud
Colours: Black and yellow halved diagonally, yellow sleeves, black cuffs, yellow cap

Breeder: Mr G J Armitage
Sire: Horse Chestnut
Dam: Colleen by Restructure (IRE)

Age: 5
Colour: Bay
Sex: Gelding
MR: 110

Weight: 53kg
Draw: 1 (20)

Career Record: 26 runs, 6 wins, 7 places
Stakes Won: R 2,210,700

Runs at Greyville: 3 (1 Place)
Runs at 2200m Distance: 2 (0 places)

Notable Runs:
1st in the 2018 Gauteng Summer Cup (Gr1) – 2000m
2nd in the 2018 Emperors Palace Charity Mile (Gr2) – 1600m
2nd in the 2018 Jubilee Handicap (Gr3) – 1800m
2nd in the 2017 Greyville 1900 (Gr2) – 1900m
2nd in the 2017 Secretariat Stakes – 1400m

Trainer Comments:

Coming soon.

Jockey Comments – Raymond Danielson
Big race-rider Raymond Danielson has a knack of popping up in Graded events and he jumps aboard Summer Cup winner Tilbury Fort who has a gallant stride. He rides for a master conditioner in Sean Tarry and although this horse may be better suited to Turffontein Racecourse,  he could be upset potential in a race of this nature. Raymond commented “Mr Tarry is a perfectionist at prepping his horses for the big occasion and I am confident he will be sound coming into the race. He had a nice and easy gallop and took it very well. My best ride on the day could possibly be Captain And Master if he stays 2200m”.

Winning Form – Magic Tips Comment:
The 5yr old colt TILBURY FORT has cracked pole position and is the second of three, possibly four runners, from the Sean Tarry yard. He finished well to win the Summer Cup over 2000M in early December last year. After a win in a Pinnacle Stakes race over seven furlongs, he followed that with a fourth-place finish behind Soqrat in the Horse Chestnut over a mile. He was somewhat disappointing when finishing 16 lengths behind Hawwaam in the Premiers Champion Challenge over 2000M. He is 5.5kgs better off at the weights with Hawwaam on that run, but whether that will be enough for him to turn the table with the favourite remains to be seen.

Verdict: Moderate recently, and held by Hawwaam on penultimate run


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11) Eyes Wide Open – 12/1

Jockey: Warren Kennedy
Trainer: Glen Kotzen
Owner: Chrigor Stud (Pty) Ltd (Nom: Mrs S Hattingh)
Colours: Yellow and royal blue checked diamonds, red sleeves and cap, royal blue diamond

Breeder: Highlands Farms Stud (Pty) Ltd
Sire: Dynasty
Dam: Live Your Dreams by Jallad (USA)

Age: 4
Colour: Bay
Sex: Colt
MR: 109

Weight: 53kg
Draw: 18 (20)

Career Record: 17 runs, 5 wins, 4 places
Stakes Won: R 1,972,125

Runs at Greyville: 5 (2 Wins, 2 Places)
Runs at 2200m Distance: 0

Notable Runs:
2nd in the 2019 Cup Trial (Gr3) – 1800m
1st in the 2019 WSB Greyville 1900 (Gr2) – 1900m
3rd in the 2018 WSB Premier Trophy (Gr2) – 1800m
3rd in the 2018 WSB Champions Cup (Gr1) – 1800m
1st in the 2018 Investec Cape Derby (Gr1) – 2000m
1st in the 2018 Peninsula Handicap (Gr2) – 1800m
1st in the 2017 Premier’s Champion Stakes (Gr1) – 1600m

Trainer Comments:

Trainer Glen Kotzen will be on our panel to share his thoughts on an action-packed day full of racing. The outright gentleman trained the incredible Big City Life who won this race in 2009 and he was happy to share his comments with Winning Form’s racing analysts when sharing “Eyes Wide Open’s prep has been onward and upward since his arrival in KZN. He won the Greyville 1900 still needing the run. He thereafter featured in a slow run race in the Cup Trial where he was pulled out to go up and lead them, which isn’t his style of racing. He put up an incredible gallop, ears pricked and hard held throughout. We were delighted with his work. Hawwaam and Do It Again are horses to respect but they are both shouldering quite a bit of weight. Twist Of Fate could be a big runner and Master Jay is possibly my best runner on the day

Winning Form – Magic Tips Comment:
The Glen Kotzen trained EYES WIDE OPEN and son of 2003 Vodacom Durban July Champion Dynasty, lines up for the first time in this year’s return of KZN’s flagship thoroughbred contest. He is a dual Gr1 winner already, having notched up a win in the Premiers Champion Stakes (Gr1) as a two-year-old, followed by a scintillating win in the coveted Investec Cape Derby (Gr1) as a three-year-old. – beating last year’s Vodacom Durban July champion Do It Again, in the process. He appears to be his best in KZN and his recent return to form can also be attributed to KZN based big race rider, Warren Kennedy who retains the ride. He will have his work cut out from gate 18, but with a bit of luck in running looks to be plenty of value and is surely not without a chance. Having trained the 2009 winner Big City Life, the stable certainly knows what it takes.

Verdict: Drawn wide, but rates a ‘dark horse’ on recent form at this course.


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12) Made To Conquer – 16/1

Jockey: Mark Khan
Trainer: Justin Snaith
Owner: Messrs E A Braun, C T Crowe & N Jonsson
Colours: Cyclamen, spectrum green crossed sashes, white sleeves, cyclamen cap

Breeder: Mr M de Broglio
Sire: Dynasty
Dam: Festive Occasion by Casey Tibbs (IRE)

Age: 5
Colour: Bay
Sex: Gelding
MR: 108

Weight: 53kg
Draw: 11 (20)

Career Record: 17 runs, 6 wins, 5 places
Stakes Won: R 1,475,000

Runs at Greyville: 5 (1 Win, 2 Places)
Runs at 2200m Distance: 1 (1 Place)

Notable Runs:
3rd in the 2019 WSB Greyville 1900 (Gr2) – 1900m
2nd in the 2018 WSB Premier Trophy (Gr2) – 1800m
2nd in the 2018 Vodacom Durban July (Gr1) – 2200m
1st in the 2018 Lonsdale Stirrup Cup (Gr3) – 2400m

Trainer Comments:

Coming soon.

Jockey Comments – Mark Khan
Veteran jockey Mark Khan has picked up the ride on the runner-up of this race last year Made To Conquer and the true professional was short and sweet when commenting “He has had an exceptional prep coming into this race and could possibly be my best ride on the day. Other notable rides include the proven Highveld stayer Ali Bon Dubai and the versatile Sniper Shot.

Winning Form – Magic Tips Comment:
The Runner-up of last year’s Durban July MADE TO CONQUER looks well handicapped considering he meets stablemate Do It Again on six kilograms better terms at the weights. He surprisingly carries the identical weight as he did in last year’s main event and his front-running tactics could be utilised effectively in a race where there is always an honest pace. This five-year-old Son of Dynasty has had a promising preparation, having placed in both of his feature comeback runs and also has a notable Lonsdale Cup victory to his credit which he earned last year. The experienced Mark Khan will be looking to add to his achievements as he still seeks the elusive touch of winning Africa’s Greatest Horserace.  

Verdict: 6kgs better off with DO IT AGAIN on this race last year. Respect.


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13) Roy Had Enough (AUS) – 66/1

Jockey: Marco van Rensburg
Trainer: Frank Robinson
Owner: Mr Roy Moodley
Colours: White, orange Maltese cross, emerald green sleeves, orange cap

Breeder: Hutchins Thoroughbreds, Qld
Sire: Pierro (AUS)
Dam: Queens Plaza (AUS) by Elusive Quality (USA)

Age: 4
Colour: Bay
Sex: Colt
MR: 108

Weight: 53kg
Draw: 15 (20)

Career Record: 24 runs, 6 wins, 7 places
Stakes Won: R 792,375

Runs at Greyville: 14 (3 Win, 3 Places)
Runs at 2200m Distance: 1 (0 Place)

Notable Runs:
1st in the 2019 Track and Ball KZN Derby (Gr3) – 2400m
2nd in the 2019 Sledgehammer (Listed) – 1800m (Poly)
2nd in the 2018 Michelmas Handicap (Listed) – 1900m
1st in the 2018 Darley Arabian (Listed) – 1600m (Poly)
1st in the 2017 Christmas Handicap (Listed) – 1600m

Trainer Comments:

Coming soon

Winning Form – Magic Tips Comment:
ROY HAD ENOUGH left it very late in booking his place in this year’s Vodacom Durban July to be run at Hollywoodbets Greyville by winning the Grade 3 Derby at Scottsville two weeks ago. He trailed the field for most of the way in that race but came storming home down the straight to win going away by 1.2 lengths. He did, however, finish 5 lengths behind Tilbury Fort in the Summer Cup over 2000m, but now faces his conqueror on 2kgs better terms. He can’t afford to be too far back when they turn into the short home straight, but that task won’t be made any easier from barrier gate 15.

Verdict: Good latest over further. Drawn wide and tougher here.


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14) Doublemint – 25/1

Jockey: C Orffer
Trainer: Justin Snaith
Owner: Mr A N & The Hon Mrs G R Foster
Colours: Scarlet, gold crossed sashes, scarlet sleeves with gold circle, gold cap

Breeder: Mr A N Foster
Sire: Twice Over (GB)
Dam: Nepeta (NZ) (by Tale Of The Cat (USA))

Age: 4
Colour: Chestnut
Sex: Colt
MR: 104

Weight: 53kg
Draw: 12 (20)

Career Record: 15 runs, 5 wins, 4 places
Stakes Won: R 807,750

Runs at Greyville: 2 (1 place)
Runs at 2200m Distance: 0

Notable Runs:
3rd in the 2019 Cup Trial (Gr 3) – 1800m
1st in the 2019 Peninsula Handicap (Gr 2) – 1800m
1st in the 2018 Winter Derby (Gr 3) – 2400m
3rd in the 2018 Winter Classic (Gr 3) – 1800m
3rd in the 2018 Winter Guineas (Gr 3) – 1600m
1st in the 2018 Politician Stakes (Gr 3) – 1800m

Trainer Comments:

Justin Snaith – A lot of horses are really well in and in saying that Doublemint, Made To Conquer and Magnificent Seven are all really doing well. I could not be happier. I think we have a helluva string for the Vodacom Durban July. They all get every bit of the 2200m, so there are no worries about whether they get the distance or whether they like Greyville. My team are at their best at Greyville. I’m very excited, can’t wait. A little bit of luck with the draws will certainly help and we have to get through the July gallops safely.” (Gold Circle)

Winning Form – Magic Tips Comment:
DOUBLE MINT represents a strong 4-way coupling from the Justin Snaith camp. Stamped by Twice Over, the same sire as reigning Vodacom Durban July champion and stable companion Do It Again and just as striking in appearance. He has had a very smooth prep and pundits may agree, he has yet to be overextended in both local appearances this season. He finished just behind Rainbow Bridge in the first two legs of the Winter Series in the Cape last year, giving the latter 1kg in the Winter Guineas (1600m) for a 1.75 length beating and at level weights in the Winter Classic (1800m) when beaten by 1.50 lengths, before winning the Winter Derby (2400m). He now faces the Eric Sands inmate with a 6.5kg favourable swing and on that alone, he will certainly have his followers. Big race rider Corne Orffer takes the mount this time around and he certainly won’t be disheartened by the gate 12 draw.

Verdict: Not stable elect but in solid recent form. Watch.


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15) Magnificent Seven – SCRATCHED


16) Return Flight – 33/1

Jockey: Ryan Munger
Trainer: Sean Tarry
Owner: Mr C J H van Niekerk
Colours: Royal blue, red spot, halved sleeves, royal blue cap

Breeder: Mr M Sharkey
Sire: Pomodoro
Dam: Heading Home by Special Preview

Age: 3
Colour: Bay
Sex: Filly
MR: 109

Weight: 52
Draw: 2 (20)

Career Record: 12 runs, 6 wins, 3 places
Stakes Won: R 2,256,975

Runs at Greyville: 2 (1 Win)
Runs at 2200m Distance: 0

Notable Runs:
1st in the 2019 Gerald Rosenberg Stakes (Gr2) – 2000m
1st in the 2019 SA Oaks (Gr2) – 2450m
1st in the 2019 SA Fillies Classic (Gr1) – 1800m
1st in the 2018 Thekwini Stakes (Gr1) – 1600m

Trainer Comments:

Coming soon.

Winning Form – Magic Tips Comment:
Progeny of a former winner in Pomodoro is featured in the years ‘big one’ with the Sean Tarry Trained trained RETURN FLIGHT who wasn’t disgraced in a Grade 1 last time. She failed to peg back a start to finish winner but perhaps things could have been different had she opted to lead. She dictated matters prominently in the Fillies Classic and also the Gerald Rosenberg Stakes against older horses. Her front-running tactics could be utilised effectively in a race where HEAD HONCHO and MADE TO CONQUER look the only dangers with regards to pace in the race. Interestingly, she is not the stable elect but her light weight will assist her to get to near the front of proceedings. A winner of 6 starts from 12 runs, this top 3 year-old filly has produced wonders for her connections having only cost R20 000.

Verdict: Takes on the boys, but in good form and could surprise.


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17) Fresnaye – 66/1

Jockey: Greg Cheyne
Trainer: Joey Ramsden
Owner: Drakenstein Stud (Nom: Mrs G A Rupert)
Colours: Blue, white square, blue sleeves and cap

Breeder: Drakenstein Stud
Sire:  Western Winter (USA)
Dam: Gulf Breeze (GB) by Dubai Destination (USA)

Age: 4
Colour: Bay
Sex: Filly
MR: 105

Weight: 52
Draw: 13 (20)

Career Record: 22 runs, 6 wins, 7 places
Stakes Won: R 967,900

Runs at Greyville: 2 (1 win)
Runs at 2200m Distance: 1 (1 win)

Notable Runs:
4th in the 2019 WSB Greyville 1900 (Gr2) – 1900m
4th in the 2019 Majorca Stakes (Gr1) – 1600m
4th in the 2019 Paddock Stakes (Gr1) – 1800m
1st in the 2018 Victress Stakes (Gr3) – 1800m
2nd in the 2018 Final Fling Stakes (Gr3) – 1800m

Trainer Comments:

Joey Ramsden: “She is probably back to her right trip. The July is a rough race and I have the human bowling ball Greg Cheyne on top so I have got the right man.”

Winning Form – Magic Tips Comment:
One of five fillies in the race, FRESNAYE represents the Joey Ramsden yard. She appears to have found her best form at the right time, since arriving in KZN and her connections’ expectations will be boosted by that impressive win last time out. That followed a smart return after a rest in her penultimate start, when finishing just behind Eye’s Wide Open in the WSB Greyville 1900m (Gr2).  Greg Cheyne steps up to take the ride this time and having won this race back in 2009 aboard Big City Life, he knows what it takes to land the big one and draw 13 shouldn’t dissuade her followers.

Verdict: Smart filly must be included on good penultimate behind EYES WIDE OPEN.


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18) Miyabi Gold – 66/1

Jockey: S’manga Khumalo
Trainer: Justin Snaith
Owner: Evanstan Investments (Pty) Ltd (Nom: Mr R D Hamilton) and Mr N Jonsson
Colours: Cyclamen, spectrum green crossed sashes, white sleeves, cyclamen cap

Breeder: Daytona Stud
Sire:  Silvano (GER)
Dam: Mkushi Gold by Western Winter (USA)

Age: 4
Colour: Bay
Sex: Filly
MR: 105

Weight: 52kg
Draw: 5 (20)

Career Record: 11 runs, 4 wins, 2 places
Stakes Won: R 578,750

Runs at Greyville: 4 (2 wins, 2 places)
Runs at 2200m Distance: 0

Notable Runs:
3rd in the 2019 East Coast Cup (Listed) – 2000m
1st in the 2019 Scarlet Lady (Listed) – 1750m
2nd in the 2018 Victress Stakes (Gr3) – 1800m
2nd in the 2018 Gold Bracelet (Gr2) – 2000m
4th in the 2018 Woolavington 2000 (Gr1) – 2000m

Trainer Comments:

Justin Snaith: “Miyabi Gold was held together nicely in her gallop as she has had two hard races coming into the July. She didn’t reveal much and will save her best for race-day.”

Winning Form – Magic Tips Comment:
MIYABI GOLD is the fourth runner from the Justin Snaith yard. She has only won four races in her career so far, but she is lightly raced, having had just the eleven outings. She signalled her potential when winning the Golden Bracelet over 2000M at this venue at the end of last season. Her next feature race success came when winning The Scarlet Lady (Listed) over 1750M at Scottsville in April. Her last start before going into the big one was in the Listed  East Coast Cup over 2000M at Hollywoodbets Greyville, where she finished third, just over a half a length behind Roy’s Riviera.

Verdict: Takes on the boys, but will need to do well to feature here.


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19) Camphoratus – 66/1

Jockey: Gareth Wright
Trainer: Robbie/Shannon Hill
Owner: Messrs L J Muir, S Manicom, G R Sadleir & Mr & Mrs Rob Pickering T/A Middlefield Stud
Colours: Blue and white stripes

Breeder: Mr and Mrs Rob Pickering T/A Middlefield Stud
Sire: Byword (GB)
Dam: Wild Camphor by Horse Chestnut

Age: 4
Colour: Chestnut
Sex: Filly
MR: 105

Weight: 52kg
Draw: 14 (20)

Career Record: 20 runs, 5 wins, 4 places
Stakes Won: R 1,110,575

Runs at Greyville: 6 (2 wins, 1 place)
Runs at 2200m Distance: 0

Notable Runs:
1st in the 2019 Empress Club Stakes (Gr1) – 1600m
2nd in the 2019 Jacaranda Handicap (Listed) – 1800m
1st in the 2018 Flamboyant Stakes (Gr3) – 1600m

Trainer Comments:

Coming soon.

Winning Form – Magic Tips Comment:
Trainers Robbie/Shannon Hill are fortunate to have snuck their entrant CAMPHORATUS into the Durban July with the scratching of MAGNIFICENT SEVEN coming into play. This daughter of Byword is a Grade 1 winner having won the Empress Club Stakes and wasn’t disgraced when she stayed on strongly in the WSB Greyville 1900 to only be beaten a length at the wire by EYES WIDE OPEN. Robbie Hill will have fond memories of having won this race on El Picha in 1999 and it is intriguing that their four-year-old filly is the stables only runner on the day.

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20) Zillzaal – SCRATCHED

ZILZAAL reserve runner status in the Vodacom Durban July lapsed at 08h15 on Friday. He will now take his place in the 3rd race at Hollywoodbets Greyville on July day.


5 Star Special Win Bet

4) Hawwaam


Potential Owners “Knocking Down Doors” for Vacant 2019 Everest Slot


The Everest slot surrendered by Jadeskye Racing & leviathan owner Damion Flower has been put up for tender but will not necessarily be awarded to the bidder who offers the most money.

images (5).jpeg

Racing New South Wales on Thursday announced that the slot made available following the arrest of Damion Flower on drug smuggling charges would be put to market.

Flower forfeited his The Everest slot for this year’s $14 million race, run at Randwick on October 19, when he was arrested and charged for his alleged role in a drug importation ring.

The high-profile owner had paid the $600,000 for The Everest slot this year and had taken up the option for 2020.

Racing NSW will make no decision on the 2020 The Everest slot until it learns the outcome of court proceedings against Flower.

But it will go to the ‘person or organisation that brings benefit and adds to the promotion and appeal of the race which has captured everyone’s attention’.

Racing NSW CEO Peter V’landys said, “The slot has attracted many interested parties who are willing to pay the amount necessary.

“The challenge for them is how they can show that they will bring something unique to The Everest. We have already done a Barrier Draw on the Opera House, so you can rule that out.”

images (6).jpeg

Whoever secures the rights to the vacated slot, which is just for 2019 with no accompanying option for future years, will receive the right to nominate a horse for The Everest on October 19 and a share in the prizemoney of that horse. The tender process closes at 4pm on Friday, July 12.

Seven of the 12 Everest slots have been taken, with two-time champion Redzel the most recent to be snapped up when taken by Yulong Investments. The slot for tender is just one of five remaining positions in the 12-horse field. The occupied places in the field are:


The Everest 2019 – Slot holders – runners

1.Aquis – Pierata
2.Boniface Ho and Carmel Size Racing – Classique Legend
3.TAB – Santa Ana Lane
4.Max Whitby and Neil Werrett – Sunlight
5.Inglis – In Her Time
6.The Star – Arcadia Queen
7.Yulong Investments – Redzel
8.Australian Turf Club – TBA
9.Chris Waller Racing – TBA
10.Coolmore – TBA
11.James Harron – TBA
12. Vacant Slot (was Damion Flower, now to be auctioned as per story above) – TBA

The King Tip – Monday June 25


Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 12.45.17 am


Race 10


Alexandra Dreaming


(Ladbrokes Odds Boost)

Alexandra Dreaming Silks.jpeg

Jockey – Andrew Mallyon

Trainer – David Brideoake

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 12.45.17 am

FOXBET.COM BETTING APP PREVIEW & REVIEW: Fox Sports Enters the online betting market


Fox Sports Enters the online betting market




Fox Sports is entering the legalized sports betting arena “ambitiously, aggressively, but also responsibly,” the division’s chief, Eric Shanks, declared during the Fox Corp. investor day Thursday.

Fox Bet, a new offering catering to those newly permitted to lay wagers in multiple states after a Supreme Court ruling cleared the path, will be “up and running by this football season,” Shanks said. He did not offer a detailed look at the service, which was made possible by a partnership between Fox and Canadian gambling outfit The Stars Group, which was announced yesterday.

Fox will become the first established media company to put its name on betting products aiming to compete in states with legalized betting against companies like FanDuel and DraftKings. In exchange for a $236 million investment in Stars, Fox gets about 5% of the company.

Fox Sports chief Eric Shanks

Live sports across the traditional media landscape has become a crucial element for anyone with a stake in TV or streaming, and Fox is particularly well-positioned to take advantage of it, Shanks said.“You see it now, or you regret missing it forever,” he said, noting the company will carry the Super Bowl in February and has locked up baseball’s World Series in a long-term deal.“Our rights portfolio is second to none,” he said, describing sports viewing as “the single most essential trend in our business.”In 1998, Shanks said, 25% of the top 100 programs in total ratings were sports. By 2018, with on-demand viewing and streaming redefining primetime, the percentage surged to 88%, with 63 of the top 100 programs being NFL broadcasts. (Fox indicated its view of sports by having lead play-by-play man Joe Buck deliver the introductory “please be seated” announcements today, and even disclosures about “non-GAAP accounting measures.”) For advertisers, Shanks said, “content is essentially fungible.” If brands want to reach incremental audiences, off-network, recycled programming “will always likely be available to you.” On the other hand, “if you want to build reach in chunks of five, 10 or 15 million at a time … Fox Sports is the most powerful option.”One chart that flashed on the screen tallied up total minutes of viewing in 2018, arriving at 615 billion as the total across Fox Sports and its cable siblings, FS1 and FS2. Unspoken during Shanks’ portion (though acknowledged by CEO Lachlan Murdoch and COO John Nallen) was the unloading of 22 regional sports networks as part of the Disney deal. Disney recently sold 21 of the networks to a Sinclair Broadcast Group-led set of buyers, with the flagship YES Network sold back to the New York Yankees, with Amazon and Sinclair also in the mix on that deal, which has yet to formally close.

Murdoch and Nallen both reaffirmed that Fox Corp. decided early on in the auction of the RSNs, which was agreed to by Disney as a condition of regulatory approval of the merger, that they would not seek to re-acquire the networks.







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