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Short priced favorite GHISONI was heavily fancied in the Dane Ripper Stakes at Eagle Farm on Stradbroke Day.
During the week jockey James McDonald said the way she’s going, she’d have won the Stradbroke if that’s where they ran her – but instead trainer John O’shea picked out the Dane ripper for her to run.
“I can’t see her being beaten to be honest”
“They tried to make me work early last start and she still won easy,” McDonald said.
“I think drawing wide is a good thing, I can take my time, stay out of trouble and just put her where she is comfortable.
“If I have to go forward and lead I’m happy, if they want to go quick and kick up underneath, I think she will be more effective if I can find a spot to relax.
“Eagle Farm should be more to her liking too, it isn’t as tight as Doomben so I won’t have to rush her.”

Serious questions have to be asked when after opening on track at $1.65 and blowing like a gale to SP $1.95, while all the while parading in great order and looking a genuine good thing ability wise!
Then in the stalls after loading, the horse appearing to the naked eye to be standing still with her head upright, has her ear grabbed and it pulls her head right off  to the side. For good measure her head is restrained for a fraction of a second after the stalls opened and she’s clearly denied any chance of a fair start. I don’t think she ran well enough to win in any case, but the incident certainly wasn’t advantageous at all to her chances!
Was it an honest mistake or devious plot with bookies paying off attendant to cheat the hot favorite? She wound up unplaced in the race for the record and bookies took the lot!
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  • Tnuc
    June 11, 2016

    James McDonald is the king of doing this type of stuff! Must work with the bookies

  • Yorky
    June 11, 2016

    Really hope it was an honest mistake but you have to wonder big time.
    It’s sometimes too easy to say “that’s racing”

  • Big Fella
    June 11, 2016

    I remember a similar incident happening in the Dalrello Stakes at Toowoomba this year

  • Scott Carmichael
    June 11, 2016

    McDonald rode close to 30 horses that started in the month of May, only 2 of those horses won. It certainly leaves you thinking that he is riding for the bookmakers.

  • S. Waters
    June 12, 2016

    I think that barrier attend should be banned for life accident or not

  • Paul Smith
    June 14, 2016

    Watched the replay this morning. Looks very untoward. There appears no reason for the horses head to be pulled like that. Commentators are saying the horse reacted by pushing the attendants hand?? Get a bio-mechanics expert in to review this. Is there an inquiry into this? There should be! Wonder how long McDonalds career is going to last in Australia?

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