Race 3 at Canterbury the lowly Anz Bloodstock News Maiden H’Cap set off a wildfire on social media reminiscent to Sunday morning’s Kentucky Derby upheld protest or like it was the 2019 Melbourne Cup being run in May.

It looked a two-horse race on paper and so that’s the way it played out.

#2 Knowitall Jack ridden by James McDonald was a $2.35 favourite and the seemingly only danger to him was #4 Sedgemoore the Godolphin horse ridden by Kerrin McEvoy.

Here’s how it unfolded.

Now that’s as close a finish as they get…..!

Here’s the print of the finish: How can you split them???

It’s a dead heat in my opinion.



My personal opinion on the matter is that that use of such high tech magnification technology is that dead-heats are a thing of the past if amplified enough without losing its clarity a margin will be found every time in the year 2019 which is harsh or the 2nd placed getter, it’s connections and punters.

I think a rule should be implemented whereby there is a maximum zoom in % figure established and one the official print reaches that point if the horses can’t be separated it’s deemed a dead heat. Like someone said it’s got to the point now where horses are winning and losing the race by a single pixel.

Look at this dead heat in Singapore below. That’s rightfully a DH, but in Australia, this same image would have been amplified dozens and dozens of time and eventually they’d have found a margin. I don’t think modern day photo finish technology is fair for all.

Dead-Heat R1 190609.jpg