“Created in the name of sport, contest, camaraderie, banter & beers. Bet your mate, not a computer.”

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What is Puntaa?

Puntaa is a peer to peer social betting platform that allows you to place wagers with your friends on anything, share bets on social media, and seamlessly transfer money for won and lost bets.

Why use Puntaa?

Puntaa is bringing back social betting!

Puntaa provides a platform for social wagering, rekindling the camaraderie, banter and competition that can only come with betting and beating your mates!

Your days of losing money to computer algorithms are over! 

It’s also 100% free to download!

How does Puntaa differ from other betting apps?

When you bet with online bookmakers, you are betting on a restricted set of events (ie. professional sport/ horse racing etc.) with a computer.

Puntaa allows you to bet on anything, subject to our betting rules, with your friends and let them know about it when you win.

How do I download Puntaa for Apple iphone iOS?

You can download Puntaa from the App store or via this link: 


How do I download Puntaa for Android?

You can download the Android App via this link – https://puntaa.co/android/

All betting applications that involve real money cannot be downloaded from the Google Play store, with Puntaa being no exception.

Does Puntaa provide any bonus bets?

YES! In the app click on the fifth tab across the bottom (the tab with a picture of two people) then click on the head inside the circle on the top left hand corner, this will bring you to your profile page. Scroll down to Promotion Code and enter the code: wkracing to get a FREE $10 credited instantly to your Puntaa account. 


FOR A FULL EXTENSIVE LIST OF FAQ’S VISIT: https://puntaa.helpshift.com/a/puntaa-ios/


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