Privlaka really disappointed us with his run as the King Tip on boxing Day. He got a lovely trail in transit, on the pegs, just in behind a hot speed. Browne produced him at the right time to run home hard but when asked to ‘go’ he was really one paced.

It wasn’t a disgraceful effort, it didn’t drop out entirely, but there wasn’t any dash there. The winner sailed on past fairly rapidly in the straight coming from well behind. We expected better. Maybe he needs further and or the sting out of the track. But not a viable betting option in that class again anytime soon.



There’s 3 horses we’re keen on today. All are short odds though, so our suggested play is a 3 leg all up. Could quiet easily back all 3 straight out though, ESPECIALLY THE 2ND DEVONPORT RUNNER IF YOU CAN SECURE THE $4.00!!! We still have them all rated as good value, despite the short prices on offer. The value bet though is the 3 legger.


Devonport Tapeta Synthetic
Race 3. 1 – Harvey Bay $2.50
Race 5. 3 – Savrajette $4.00 >>(Bet 365 betting big overs currently, get on. Next best $2.4. Some are $2.00)

Race 5. 6 – Shockaholic $2.20


MULTI ODDS (BET 365): $22.88