First run in 1922 (won by Violoncello (GB)).

1922-1942 1900m; 1943-1972 2000m; 1973 abt 2000m; 1974-1985 2050m; from 1986 2040m. Race divided in 1946.

3YOs to win: 20—Shamus Award (2013); So You Think (2009); Savabeel (2004); Octagonal (1995); Red Anchor (1984); Surround (1976); Taj Rossi (1973); Abdul (1970); Daryl’s Joy (1969); Rajah Sahib (1968); Star Affair (1965); Noholme (1959); Kingster (1955); Bronton (1951); Alister (1950); Delta (1949); Carbon Copy (1948); Chanak (1947); Garrio (1935); Manfred (1925).

Note: Surround (1976) is the only filly. Makybe Diva and Lotteria (2005) are the only mares to quinella the Cox Plate. The most recent 3YO filly to place in the Cox Plate is Samantha Miss (2008)—third behind Maldivian.

Fillies and mares to win: 7 individuals for 10 wins—Pinker Pinker (2011); Makybe Diva (2005); Sunline (2000, 1999); Dane Ripper (1997); Surround (1976); Flight (1945, 1946); Tranquil Star (1944, 1942).
Note: Surround is the only 3YO filly.

Multiple winners (2014 winner Adelaide): 9—So You Think (2010, 2009); Fields Of Omagh (2006, 2003); Northerly (2002, 2001); Sunline (2000, 1999); Kingston Town (1983, 1982, 1981); Tobin Bronze (1967, 1966); Hydrogen (1953, 1952); Flight (1946, 1945); Tranquil Star (1944, 1942).

Fastest time (2040m): Better Loosen Up (1990) 2:01.50.

Cox Plate winners have won the lead-up races:

Makybe Diva Stakes (2015 winner Fawkner): 5—Northerly (2002); Dulcify (1979); Tobin Bronze (1966); Sir Dane (1964); Aquanita (1962).

Dato Tan Chin Nam Stakes (The Cleaner): 9—El Segundo (2007); Northerly (2001); Sunline (2000); Better Loosen Up (1990); Our Poetic Prince (1988); Rubiton (1987); Strawberry Road (1983); So Called (1978); Rising Fast (1954).

Underwood Stakes (Mourinho): 16—Ocean Park (2012); So You Think (2010); Northerly (2001-02); Almaarad (1989); Rubiton (1987); Bonecrusher (1986); So Called (1978); Tobin Bronze (1966); Aquanita (1962); Ray Ribbon (1956); Ajax (1938); Young Idea (1937); Phar Lap (1931); Highland (1928); Heroic (1926).

Turnbull Stakes (since 1948) (Preferment): 9—Makybe Diva (2005); Northerly (2002); The Phantom Chance 1993); Better Loosen Up (1990); Dulcify (1979); Tobin Bronze (1966); Sir Dane (1964); Aquanita (1962); Rising Fast (1954).

Caulfield Guineas (Press Statement): 4—Red Anchor (1984); Surround (1976); Rajah Sahib (1968); Star Affair (1965).

Note: The most recent 3YO to run in the Caulfield Guineas and win the Cox Plate is Shamus Award (2013), who was third behind Long John in the Guineas; before that it was So You Think (2009), who finished fifth behind Starspangledbanner in the Guineas.

In 2012, All Too Hard won the Guineas and finished second behind Ocean Park in the Cox Plate; Pierro was second behind All Too Hard and third in the Cox Plate.

Caulfield Stakes (Criterion): 15—Ocean Park (2012); So You Think (2010); Northerly (2001); Might And Power (1998); Almaarad (1989); Bonecrusher (1986); Kingston Town (1981 & 1982); Family Of Man (1977); Gunsynd (1972); Rising Fast (1954); Amana (1943); Tranquil Star (1942); Ajax (1938); Young Idea (1936).

Note: Tranquil Star (1942) is the only mare to complete the double.

Underwood Stakes & Caulfield Stakes: 5—Ocean Park (2012); So You Think (2010); Northerly (2001); Bonecrusher (1986); Ajax (1938).

Turnbull Stakes, Caulfield Cup & Melbourne Cup (since 1948): 1—Rising Fast (1954). Note: Rising Fast also won the Caulfield Stakes, Mackinnon Stakes and Queen Elizabeth Stakes in an unparalleled 1954 spring campaign.

Cox Plate and the Mackinnon Stakes:

Mackinnon Stakes: 20—So You Think (2010); Better Loosen Up (1990); Rising Prince (1985); Dulcify (1979); Tobin Bronze (1966); Sir Dane (1964); Aquanita (1962); Tulloch (1960); Rising Fast (1954); Hydrogen (1953); Flight (1946); Tranquil Star (1944, 1942); Amana (1943); Beau Vite (1941, 1940); Ajax (1938); Rogilla (1933); Phar Lap (1931, 1930).

Caulfield Stakes (2015 winner Criterion), Cox Plate & Mackinnon: 5—So You Think (2010); Rising Fast (1954); Amana (1943); Tranquil Star (1942); Ajax (1938).

Past placegetters to win a Cox Plate:

Cox Plate minor placegetter to win the following year (2014 placegetters Fawkner 2nd, Silent Achiever 3rd): 7—most recent are El Segundo (won 2007, 2nd in 2006); Fields Of Omagh (2006, 3rd in 2005); Solvit (1994, 2nd in 1993); Super Impose (1992, 2nd in 1991); Our Poetic Prince (1988, 2nd in 1987).

Cox Plate and the Caulfield Cup:

Caulfield Cup (same year) (2015 winner Mongolian Khan): 4—Northerly (2002); Tobin Bronze (1967); Rising Fast (1954); Tranquil Star (1942).

Caulfield Cup (different years) (2014 winner Admire Rakti; 2013 Fawkner): 8—Might And Power (CP 1998; CC 1997); Tulloch (CP 1960; CC 1957); Redcraze (CP 1957; CC 1956); Rising Fast (CP 1954; CC 1955); Rogilla (CP 1933; CC 1932); Amounis (CP 1927; CC 1930); Manfred (CP 1925; CC 1926); Violoncello (CP 1922; CC 1921).

Cox Plate winners and the Melbourne Cup:

Melbourne Cup (2014 winner Protectionist): 5—Makybe Diva (2005); Saintly (1996); Rising Fast (1954); Phar Lap (1930); Nightmarch (1929).

Note: the most recent Cox Plate winner to run in the Melbourne Cup is So You Think (2010), who finished third behind Americain.

The most recent Melbourne Cup winner to run in the Cox Plate as a lead-up is Fiorente (2013), who finished third behind Shamus Award.

Rising Fast (1954) is the only horse to win by Caulfield Cup, Cox Plate and Melbourne Cup in the same year. He was ridden by Arthur Ward in the Caulfield Cup and Jack Purtell in the Cox Plate and Melbourne Cup. (Note: no jockey has won all three in the same year).

Cox Plate winners won the autumn features:

Australian Cup (same year, since 1964 when Australian Cup reduced to 2000m) (2015 winner Spillway): 3—Makybe Diva (2005); Northerly (2001); Saintly (1986).

Australian Cup (same season, since 1964): 5—Northerly (Cox Plate 2002); Dane Ripper (1998); Better Loosen Up (1990); Bonecrusher 1986); Family Of Man (1977).

The BMW (same year) (2015 winner Hartnell): 4—Makybe Diva (2005); Mighty And Power (1998); Bonecrusher (1986); Kingston Town (1980).

The BMW (same season): 2—Octagonal (Cox Plate 1995); Our Poetic Prince (1988).

ATC Queen Elizabeth Stakes (same year) (It’s A Dundeel): 4—Might And Power (1998); Rising Prince (1985); Battle Heights (1974); Tulloch (1960);

ATC Queen Elizabeth Stakes (same season): 2—Our Poetic Prince (Cox Plate 1988); Tulloch (1960).

Cox Plate winners and the Derbys:

Victoria Derby (same year): 6—Red Anchor (1984); Taj Rossi (1973); Daryl’s Joy (1969); Alister (1950); Delta (1949); Manfred (1925).

Note: the most recent 3YO to run in the Cox Plate and back up a week later in the Derby is Savabeel—he won the Cox Plate before finishing second behind Plastered in the Derby.

Victoria Derby (Cox Plate as 4YOs) (2014 winner Preferment): 4—Dulcify (1979); Tobin Bronze (1966); Hydrogen (1952); Phar Lap (1930). No horse has won the Cox Plate and ATC Australian Derby as 3YOs since the Derby was moved from spring to autumn in 1979.

ATC Australian Derby (Cox Plate as 4YOs) (2015 winner Mongolian Khan): 5—Bonecrusher (1986); Strawberry Road (1983); Kingston Town (1981); Dulcify (1979); Phar Lap (1930).


Adelaide (IRE), 2014, is the only northern hemisphere-trained horse to win the Cox Plate.

The internationals to compete are:

1999 (won by Sunline)

Make No Mistake (IRE) (trained by Dermot Weld, Ireland; ridden by Pat Smullen) 8th

2001 won by Northerly

Silvano (GER) (Andreas Wolher, Germany; Andreas Suborics) 4th

Caitano (GER) (Andreas Schultz, Germany; Andrasch Starke) 7th behind Northerly.

2002 (won by Northerly)

Grandera (UK) (Saeed bin Suroor, England; Frankie Dettori) third.

2003 won by Fields Of Omagh

Paraca (ARG) (Andrew Balding, England; Nash Rawiller) 8th

2004 (won by Savabeel)

Elegant Fashion (David Hayes, Hong Kong; Gerald Mosse) 9th

Paolini (GER) (Andreas Wohler, Germany; Eddie Pedroza) 10th

2005 (won by Makybe Diva)

Super Kid (NZ) (John Moore, Hong Kong: Nash Rawiller) 7th

Greys Inn (USA) (Mike de Kock, South Africa; Weichong Warwing) 10th

Tosen Dandy (JPN) (Hideyuki Mori, Japan; Minoru Yoshida) 11th

2010 (won by So You Think)

Luen Yat Forever (Pou Choi, Macau; Dwayne Dunn) 10th

2013 (won by Shamus Award)

Side Glance (GB) (Andrew Balding, England; Craig Williams) 6th

Mull Of Killough (IRE) (Jane Chapple-Hyam, England; Steven Arnold) 11th

2014 (won by Adelaide)

Adelaide (IRE) (Aidan O’Brien, Ireland; Ryan Moore) 1st

Side Glance (GB) (Andrew Balding, England; Jamie Spencer) 4th

Quest Of Honour (IRE) (Marco Botti, England; Craig Williams) DNF

Leading winning jockeys:

5 wins

Darby Munro (Hydrogen 1952, Beau Vite 1941, Mosaic 1939, Young Idea 1937, Rogilla 1933).

4 wins

Jack Purtell (Bay Ribbon 1956, Rising Fast 1954, Bronton 1951, Alister 1950);

Brent Thomson (Dulify 1979, So Called 1978, Family Of Man 1977, Fury’s Order 1975).

3 wins

Harold Badger (Carbon Copy 1948, Chanak 1947, Ajax 1938);

Glen Boss (Ocean Park 2012, So You Think 2009, Makybe Diva 2005);

Neville Sellwood (Tulloch 1960, Noholme 1959, Delta 1949).

Current winning jockeys:

3 wins

Glen Boss (Ocean Park 2012, So You Think 2009, Makybe Diva 2005).

2 win

Damien Oliver (Northerly 2001, Dane Ripper 1997);

Craig Williams (Pinker Pinker 2011, Fields Of Omagh 2006).

1 win

Steven Arnold (So You Think 2010);

Jim Cassidy (Might And Power 1998);

Steven King (Fields Of Omagh 2003);

Ryan Moore (Adelaide 2014);

Luke Nolen (El Segundo 2007);

Chad Schofield (Shamus Award 2013);

Michael Rodd (Maldivian 2008);

David Walsh (Solvit 1994).

Leading winning trainers:

7 wins Tommy Smith (Red Anchor 1984, Kingston Town 1982, 1981, 1980, Gunsynd 1972, Tulloch 1960, Redcraze 1957).

6 wins Jack Holt (Chanak 1947, Young Idea 1937, 1936, Highland 1928, Heroic 1926, Easingwold 1923).

5 wins Bart Cummings (So You Think 2010, 2009, Dane Ripper 1997, Saintly 1996, Taj Rossi 1973).

Current winning trainers:

2 wins

Lee Freedman (Makybe Diva 2005, Super Impose 1992);

David Hayes (Fields Of Omagh 2006, Better Loosen Up 1990);

Fred Kersley (Northerly 2002, 2001).

1 win

Greg Eurell (Pinker Pinker 2011);

John Hawkes (Octagonal 1995);

Gary Hennessy (Ocean Park 2012);

Mark Kavanagh (Maldivian 2008);

Colin Little (El Segundo 2007);

Tony McEvoy (Fields Of Omagh 2003);

Moira Murdoch (Solvit 1994);

Aidan O’Brien (Adelaide 2014);

Danny O’Brien (Shamus Award 2013);

Frank Ritchie (Bonecrusher 1986);

John Wheeler (Our Poetic Prince 1988).

Points of interest:


  • Previous winners to sire a winner: Heroic (1926) sired Ajax (1938); Rubiton (1987) sired Fields Of Omagh (2006, 2003).
  • Widest winning margin: 7 lengths—Sunline (2000); Dulcify (1979).
  • Highest attendance: 42,456 (2001, won by Northerly).
  • New Zealand-trained horses: 12 have won, the most recent are: Ocean Park (trainer Gary Hennessy, 2012); Sunline (Trevor McKee, 2000, 1999); Solvit (Moira Murdoch, 1994); The Phantom Chance (Colin Jillings, 1993); Surfer’s Paradise (Dave O’Sullivan, 1991); Our Poetic Prince (John Wheeler, 1988); Bonecrusher (Frank Ritchie, 1986).
  • No Golden Slipper winner has won a Cox Plate—Pierro (third in 2012) and Canny Lad (third in 1990) are the only Golden Slipper winners to place in the Cox Plate as a 3YO. Sky High (GS, 1960) was third in the Cox Plate in 1961 as a 4YO.
  • Shamus Award (2013) was a maiden when he won the Cox Plate. The only other maiden to run in the Cox Plate was Oxberry Way (a 3YO trained by Bart Cummings), who finished last at 200/1 behind Red Anchor in 1984.
  • The first female to train a winner was Deidre Stein (Rising Prince, 1985). The only other winning female trainer is Moira Murdoch (Solvit, 1994).
  • The first $1 million Cox Plate was in 1987, won by Rubiton.
  • No jockey has won the Caulfield Cup, Cox Plate and Melbourne Cup in the same year.
  • Lee Freedman is the only trainer to win the Caulfield Cup, Cox Plate and Melbourne Cup in the same year—he did it in 1992 with three different horses: Mannerism (Caulfield Cup); Super Impose (Cox Plate) and Subzero (Melbourne Cup). Freedman went on to train Bint Marscay to win the Golden Slipper in 1993, giving him a clean sweep of the “big four” in the same season.