By James Lamb 5 hours ago

A man has been banned from all Australian racetracks for life after running down the home straight during a Gold Coast race on March 28.

Blake Rennie was charged with engaging in conduct prejudicial to the image and interests of racing after he jumped onto the track and raced the horses down the outside of the course proper. 

“Oh hello, we’ve got a bloke on the track. I can’t believe that, what an idiot,” remarked racecaller Steve Hawkins at the time.

(Look for said ‘idiot’ making an appearance at the the 14 second mark of the video below)

Rennie was hit with a $2,000 fine on top of his nationwide life ban.

He submitted that he was remorseful for his actions which he attributed to being intoxicated (consuming an absolute skinfull!).

“In running down the outside of the course proper at the same time as the horses involved in that race, (Rennie) posed a significant risk to not only his own welfare but also the welfare of the jockeys and horses involved in that race,” the stewards’ report stated.

“Furthermore, his actions had the potential to affect the outcome of the race, which may have adversely affected the interests of anyone who wagered on the race. Stewards were also mindful of the deterrent effect such a penalty should have on other like-minded offenders to ensure these actions are not repeated.”

Stewards also found another man guilty of the same charge on the same day but his actions were deemed to be “not as serious as Mr Rennie’s.”

Stephen Berkley ran onto the Gold Coast track immediately after the running of race six and was slapped with a two-year ban for his behaviour.

He was also ordered to pay a fine of $2,000.

Both men were advised of their right to appeal.