After all that’s been said and done over the past fortnight regarding Tabcorp, Racing Victoria, Seven West Media and the Victorian television rights deal, Sky Channel have sunk to a new low today and it’s the punters and industry participants who they are harming the most.

Despite imposing a “black out” on Victorian races, Tabcorp have still had the right to bring Sky Channel viewers the audio of Victorian thoroughbred racing.

Today on at least 2 occasions though they failed to even do that on races at Ballarat and it really was a “black out” with no audio or visual available on the races, even a switch to Sky 2 wasn’t even considered for Ballarat.

My problems lays in the fact that Sky, who dictate to the clubs when to hold and when to start a race, let Canterbury go half way through a Ballarat race that was being broadcast. They only needed to hold another 30 seconds, but instead they let them go.

Then to follow that they televised a Morphettville race and played no Ballarat race audio whatsoever.

Clashes happen all the time in this day and age with so many races on our screens, but tell me this….If Sky Channel were still televising Victorian racing would the same thing have happened or would the clashing venues have held while the races were run and won at Ballarat?? OF COURSE NOT! They couldn’t even bump the audio to Sky racing 2 like they do with so many other races!

Sky Racing & Tabcorp need to get their heads out of their ass and look after the punters who are the backbone of the racing industry, because put simply without punters there wouldn’t be racing of any kind.

I think I’ll just stay tuned into Channel 78 to watch the Victorian races the whole time now and just listen to the other Sky meetings on RadioTab.