FAQs – The broadcast of Victorian thoroughbred racing, Channel 78 & racing.com
(as at 25/6/2015)

Where can I watch Victorian thoroughbred racing?
From Friday, 26 June 2015 until otherwise advised, Victorian racing can be viewed via the following:

  • Free-to-air TV = Channel 78 in Melb, Syd, Bris, Adel, Perth*
  • Pubs & Clubs = Metro/suburban pubs and clubs who tune into Channel 78**
  • TAB Agencies = 92 Victorian TAB retail agencies (those not in a pub or club)
  • Mobile Phones = Racing.com, sportsbet.com.au***, crownbet.com.au***
  • Tablets (iPads) = Racing.com, sportsbet.com.au***, crownbet.com.au***
  • Desktop Computers = Racing.com, sportsbet.com.au***, crownbet.com.au***
  • Mobile App = Racing.com
  • Racecourse = Live at the Victorian track hosting the meeting

(* Channel 78 interim broadcast to commence Friday, 26 June 2015)
(** Consult your local pub or club from Friday, 26 June 2015)
(*** Service available to Sportsbet and CrownBet account holders only)
What is Channel 78?
Channel 78 is a joint partnership between Racing Victoria and Seven West Media to broaden the reach of Victorian thoroughbred racing and showcase the sport, its many great stories and its personalities. It is a free-to-air channel broadcast using MPEG4 technology and will showcase Victorian thoroughbred racing 363 days-a-year. It will be integrated with digital streaming and other services at Racing.com.
When does Channel 78 begin broadcasting?
The showcase coverage of Victorian thoroughbred racing is contracted to commence on Channel 78 on Saturday, 29 August 2015. Seven West Media has kindly offered to commence an interim broadcast on Channel 78 from Friday, 26 June 2015 to assist punters, fans and participants impacted by the Sky Racing blackout. During the test period until 29 August, this will be a re-transmission of the existing online broadcast on Racing.com.
What will I see on Channel 78?
From 26 June 2015, Channel 78 will re-transmit the existing Racing.com coverage of Victorian
thoroughbred racing as an interim measure whilst Seven West Media commences preparations for the launch of its premium coverage on the channel from Memsie Stakes Day, 29 August. The Racing.com coverage incorporates live racing, raceday previews and interviews and replays.
Channel 78 will showcase Victorian thoroughbred racing only. The daily coverage on Channel 78 will see over 520 Victorian thoroughbred meetings covered annually when fully operational. Further details of the coverage will be announced upon launch of the premium service.
Where can I watch Channel 78?
Seven West Media will be able to transmit its interim broadcast on Channel 78 across its national
metropolitan network in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. We are continuing to work on extending the coverage to regional areas as soon as possible.

Am I within the metropolitan broadcast network?
If you can only view regional broadcasters like Prime, WIN and Southern Cross in your home then you are unlikely to receive the interim broadcast of Channel 78. To view a map of the national metropolitan broadcast network including the postcodes contained within the broadcast area, click on “Channel 78 Interim Broadcast Map” under Quick Links on the rv.racing.com homepage.
What about viewers in country Victoria, Tasmania and other regional centres?
Racing Victoria is working with Seven West Media to extend the interim solution to regional areas as
quickly as possible, whilst also continuing discussions with Tabcorp on an agreement to get Victorian racing back on to Sky Racing’s wall-to-wall channels.
Punters, fans and participants in regional areas should be assured that they are an important part of
Seven West Media’s broadcast plans for its showcase coverage once officially launched. The goal of Racing Victoria and Seven West Media remains to showcase Victorian thoroughbred racing to the
widest possible audience.
Can I view the Channel 78 broadcast via Foxtel?
It is Racing Victoria’s desire for the Channel 78 signal to be re-transmitted through Foxtel at the earliest opportunity for punter convenience. Discussions regarding the re-transmission through Foxtel are continuing as a matter of priority.
What is the difference between MPEG2 and MPEG4?
The Seven Network’s other channels are broadcast using MPEG2. MPEG4 is a more efficient format of broadcasting which has the ability to provide better picture quality, particularly for sporting events.
How can I tell if my TV is MPEG4 compatible?
All major recognised brands of televisions, set top boxes and Personal Video Recorders (PVR’s)
purchased since 2009, including any devices bearing the Freeview logo, will have this capability, but
those bought prior to 2009 may not support MPEG4. If you are unsure if your current TV supports
MPEG4 you will need to refer to your TV manual or contact the manufacturer of your TV.
How do I know if my TV doesn’t support MPEG4?
TVs which do not support MPEG4 are most likely to demonstrate the following behaviour: Channel 78 appears in the channel list, but the picture is black and the sound may or may not be heard.
I think my TV is MPEG4 compatible but I can’t find Channel 78. Why?
Channel 78 should automatically appear in the channel list of most TVs. If not, then the first thing to do is to re-tune your TV. Most TVs have an option to automatically re-scan channels within the TV menu.
In many cases, Channel 78 will appear after completing this process. If you’re unsure how to re-scan channels you should refer to your TV manual or contact the manufacturer of your TV.
Can I still watch Channel 78 if my TV is not MPEG4 compatible?
Not without purchasing a set top box which supports MPEG4. Set top boxes range in price from
approximately $25 to $50, are relatively simply to connect to your TV and are available where most TVs are sold. The vast majority of set top boxes support MPEG4, however you should seek confirmation from sales staff when purchasing.
I have a set-top box but I still can’t get Channel 78?
Some of the very early set top boxes provided by Government as part of the Household Assistance
Scheme during Australia’s switch to digital TV may not be MPEG4 compatible.
Do I need to get a set top box to watch Channel 78 if I already have a Personal Video Recorder (PVR)?
You can use a PVR in similar fashion to a set top box to make your television MPEG4 compatible if you cannot immediately see Channel 78. If you’re unsure how, you should refer to your PVR manual or contact the manufacturer of your PVR.
Can I get Channel 78 through my Telstra T-Box?
Yes, you should be able to. If you cannot already see Channel 78 in your T-Box menu then you will
need to re-tune the channels via the Settings option in your menu. If you’re unsure how to re-tune
channels you should refer to your T-Box manual or contact Telstra.
If I need assistance in tuning my television or knowing if it’s compatible who do I call?
Following are the customer service numbers for all the major TV manufacturers:
Hisense 1800 447 367 8.30am – 7.30pm M-F, 9.00am – 5.00pm S-S
LG 1300 542 273 7.00am – 7.00pm 7 days
Panasonic 132 600 8.30am – 6.00pm M-F
Phillips 1300 886 649
Samsung 1300 362 603 24/7
Sharp 1300 135 022
Soniq 1300 765 663
Sony 1300 137 669 9.00am – 5.00pm M-F
TCL 1300 738 149 9.00am – 5.30pm 7 days
If I can’t see Channel 78 where else can I watch Victorian racing on a TV?
Victorian thoroughbred racing can also be viewed on TV in Victoria’s 92 TAB retail agencies and in
pubs and clubs within the metropolitan distribution network that elect to tune into Channel 78.
Racing.com can be streamed to a TV in any region with the appropriate supporting technology (refer
When will vision be back on Sky Racing?
With the Seven West Media deal signed, discussions have re-commenced with Tabcorp in the hope of ending the current blackout on Sky Racing. Racing Victoria wants Sky Racing to continue to broadcast Victorian racing now and into the future on its wall-to-wall channels (Channel 519 and 520). Tabcorp has chosen not to broadcast Victorian races on any Sky Racing channels into homes, pubs and clubs since 16 June 2015.
Why have Tabcorp decided they don’t want to show Victorian racing on Sky Racing?
Tabcorp’s decision to blackout Victorian racing followed the RV Board’s resolution that its preferred
outcome for the broadcasting of Victorian thoroughbred racing was the combined free-to-air and digital broadcast deal tabled by Seven West Media, whilst maintaining the broadcast on Sky Racing 1 (Channel 519) and Sky Racing 2 (520). With the Seven West Media deal signed, discussions have recommenced with Tabcorp in the hope of ending the Sky Racing blackout. These discussions remain on-going.
Is Victorian racing being broadcast in my local pub or club?
Pubs and clubs within the national metropolitan network will be able to tune into Channel 78 from
Friday, 26 June 2015 if they have the appropriate TV. Some pubs and clubs across all regions of
Australia have commenced streaming the Racing.com coverage using Smart TVs. Check with your
local pub or club to confirm their broadcast arrangements. Racing Victoria has also re-commenced
discussions with Tabcorp about getting Victorian thoroughbred racing back into pubs and clubs
nationally via Sky Racing. These discussions remain on-going.
Is Victorian racing broadcast into TAB agencies?
It is currently being broadcast into Victoria’s 92 TAB retail agencies (those stores not located in pubs and clubs). Agency locations can be found at tab.com.au. Interstate punters will need to consult their local TAB agency to confirm their broadcast arrangements.
Can I continue to bet on Victorian races?
Yes, the TAB will be betting on all Victorian races as will other racing wagering operators.

Will the races be broadcast on radio?
Yes, RSN will continue to broadcast all Victorian races via 927 AM in metropolitan Melbourne and via relay stations across Australia.
What is Racing.com broadcasting?
Racing.com, via its Racing Live service, will continue to stream all Victorian thoroughbred racing on
desktop computers, tablets (iPads) and mobile phones (iPhones and Androids). Please go to the
Racing.com homepage on your device and click the appropriate WATCH NOW links.
Is the Racing Live service available on every device?
The Racing Live stream is available across computers, tablets (iPads) and mobile phones (iPhones and Androids) via the Racing.com website. The Racing Live service is available through the Racing.com IOS App and can also be streamed on smart TVs.
How do I watch Racing Live via the Racing.com App?
The latest version of the Racing.com App (1.6), which enables users to view Racing Live from within
the App, is available for download. Users will have to go to the App Store, and either download the
Racing.com App or, if already downloaded, click on their updates and update to the new version.
Racing Live can be accessed by clicking the play icon at the top of the Racing.com App. If the Play icon is not available, you will need to update your App. Racing.com is looking to broaden its App offering to include an App for Android in the coming months.
Is Racing Live stream available internationally on Racing.com?
Yes. The geo-block on viewers outside Australia has been lifted on Racing.com with Sky Racing
relinquishing the right to broadcast Victorian thoroughbred racing internationally.
Will there be any charge for streaming?
There is no charge to view the Racing Live broadcast on Racing.com. However, you may incur data
charges with your mobile or internet provider for live streaming so you are best to check with your
provider. Telstra fixed internet (home) customers can view the Racing Live broadcast on Racing.com unmetered, be it on your digital device or when streamed to your TV.
Is the Racing Live stream available through Android?
Yes, through any browser. You may be prompted to download a Plug-in, such as ‘Hook’, but after that initial download it should work without issue.
What do I have to do to get the Racing Live stream to work on my Mac? 
You should not encounter any issues on a Mac. There have been some issues within Safari browser
which Racing.com are working on. If an error arises in Safari, you will need to change your Privacy
settings. Go To Privacy Settings, and under Cookies and Website Data, tick ‘Always Allow’.
Can I stream the Racing Live feed onto my TV?
There is no technical reason why you should not be able to use a TV connector like Apple TV, Google Chromecast or a HDMI cable. You will need to consult with your third party connector for instructions on how to do this.
Is there any reason the Racing Live stream wouldn’t be working on my mobile browser?
The stream won’t work if you are set to private browsing or incognito. Exit this mode to ensure the
stream works.
Will the Racing Live stream be delayed on Racing.com?
There is always a slight delay of a few seconds with any live stream. We recommend you leave
yourself ample time to place any bet when viewing the stream.
Will I still be able to access free race replays via Racing.com?
Yes, race replays remain free on all devices via Racing.com, including the IOS App. They are made
available within 10 minutes of a race.
Is there anywhere else online I can watch Victorian racing?
Sportsbet and Crownbet account holders can also view Victorian races live when they log onto their
Sportsbet or Crownbet account via the web.