Craig Williams, rider of the Australian challenger Brazen Beau who finished the half-length second after being sent off the 7/2 joint favourite, said: 

“We thought it was a possibility that there was going to be a lack of speed in the race this year.”

The pace was drawn in three and Ryan Moore’s horse out in 10. Sweeney’s horse (Music Master) was actually the first horse out of the gates – he went 20 yards and took a pull and my horse was there.”

We were very confident in regards to a scenario, which ended up playing out, that we would go a little bit to the left-hand. He has done a lot of work on his own on uphill courses, so we have put a lot of preparation if that was the case. So we had planned for it and, as it turned out, it is what we ended up to do.”

“Unfortunately, in a couple of occasions in the race he lost concentration from being on his own, so it would have been an advantage if he was with another horse. It’s just the way that it was – he was so gallant and tough and unfortunately couldn’t get there in the end. Under no circumstances did he lay down – it was truly an Aussie spirit and he fought hard.”

“At the 100 (metres), I could see Frankie in the corner of my eye. If I could find half a length then, I knew that I could hold him. Brazen Beau Horseform really held his momentum and was fantastic but we were unable to have an extra acceleration. Unfortunately, we didn’t have that little bit more of a punch at the end of the race. He is so gallant in defeat.”