Brad Bishop – @bradbishop12

Moonee Valley Racing Club has agreed to sign over its vision rights to Racing Victoria until 2045.
It is one of the resolutions of the ongoing negotiations regarding media rights of Victorian racing.
The MVRC was one of three stakeholders to have signed off on the proposal to align with Racing Victoria’s preferred broadcaster, Seven West Media.
RV’s proposed deal with Seven West Media, which would see vision of Victorian racing run on free-to-air television 24 hours a day, would run for five years.
While negotiations centred around who was best to broadcast vision of Victorian racing, it also involved discussion benefits from the deal and MVRC chairman Bob Scarborough said the certainty of a 30-year deal appealed to the MVRC.
“We’re more interested in a longer-term security arrangement in terms of club funding than perhaps the other two clubs and for that reason we’ve given them 30 years as opposed to five,” Scarborough told’s Racing Ahead on RSN.

MVRC joined the Melbourne Racing Club and Country Racing Victoria in signing off on the Seven West Media deal.
The MRC committed for five years – the length of the proposed deal – while RV has control of CRV’s media rights until 2028.
The only club not to agree to terms before Monday, which would have paved the way for Channel 7 to broadcast Victorian racing on Channel 78 from Tuesday, was the Victoria Racing Club.
The VRC is believed to be supportive of the Seven West Media deal but is still negotiating some of the finer points of the contract.
Until all four stakeholders have signed, vision of Victorian racing will not be available on Channel 78, after Sky Channel enacted a blackout when its most recent short-term contract expired at midnight on Monday.
The only way to access live vision of Victorian racing is via or Sportsbet and Crownbet, who have access to the live stream.
Scarborough also revealed that the MVRC had joined the other clubs in committing to
“Although we were comfortable about we weren’t comfortable about a business plan and for that reason we, not rejected, but held off until a business plan had been presented to the club that really made sense,” Scarborough said.
“Now is obviously an integral part in the way in which we exploit our media rights and also it’s going to be a very important component to generate wagering into the future.”